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Trailer of Halley's interview from Palm Beach Post 2014:

The Halley Elise Show
Your host, Empowerment Psychic Halley Elise, brings forth Spiritual Enlightenment and engages your mind and soul!

Each week promises to deliver a unique and appealing program that will stir inspiration, reveal spiritual principles, share psychic wisdom, address stress management and life-skills, interpret energetic modalities and acknowledge all matter holistic and or metaphysical. You can look forward to…

  • Halley imparting psychic messages.
  • Special guests being featured and sharing their expertise.
  • There will be talk about the other side and how to safeguard.
  • Information on angels and other entities.
  • Techniques for understanding and handling gifted/sensitive children.
  • Ways to breathe for deeper states of consciousness.
  • The art of balancing energies will become clear.
  • As well as having a litany of important and life changing information!

Join in this wonderful experience simply by tuning in! Use your computer, I pad, mobile devise and or telephone.

“The Halley Elise Show” premiered on April 11th at 8:30PM

Check out, Effects of the Moon (archive) from Halley’s radio show:

 “Push & Pull @

September 2011

Halley gets you thinking and smiling

(Psychic Gallery excerpt)

The Halley Elise Show - A Composit

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