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– by Halley Elise for “Push & Pull”

History has shared that certain foods known as aphrodisiacs have been believed to heighten sexual desire. These foods have been aptly named after the goddess of love, Aphrodite. Typically not to be used on unwilling individuals; though if you are attracted to someone… why not give them a piece of chocolate and see what happens?! Primarily aphrodisiacs are used to arouse your partner or make an evening sexier.

It appears that in our modern world many experts argue the validity of food being a source that would have inherent properties and yet, it seems that in the holistic community food is known for curing what ails you. Perhaps it is not so far fetched that we can boost our drive as well.

Many things come into play when awakening our libidos. We know that olfactory senses stimulated may easily awaken you and even our sense of touch can be stirred by textures. We cannot leave out vision… how many of you out there see certain something and get that warm feeling? Some say that the shapes of certain foods may create passion. My belief is that when you engage your senses and have thoughts of attraction and then add that little extra… Wow magic happens!

The following foods are suggested for your personal investigation~

Almonds – like other foods have specific properties, but it seems the scent and the flavor is known to encourage arousal.

Asparagus – known to have properties that increase the chemicals needed for climax (in both sexes).

Avocados – Ancient Aztecs saw the Avocado tree as having a resemblance to the male’s genitalia based upon the way the fruit dangles from the tree. Though if you look at the fruit you find the resemblance is more like the womb of a woman.

Bananas – you may think the shape is what does it with this fruit, but it has an enzyme that is known for its ability to stimulate male sexual performance.

Basil – like peppers will heighten your metabolism, Basil creates warmth within.

Chili Peppers – or anything spicy kicks the metabolism up a notch. Interesting is that when you eat chili peppers you produce endorphins that are the same as the ones present during sex.

Champagne – it’s the bubbles. Really! Those wonderful tickle your nose bubbles mean that the alcohol hits your bloodstream faster then other alcohol. Even better, it is said to give off the same scent as you would find from women’s pheromones. No wonder so many babies are born nine months after New Years!

Chocolate – okay my favorite, for whatever the reason. Just so you know it is true, dark chocolate is better, has more of what you need including antioxidants. Chocolate produces serotonin which is a stimulant that is known to increase desire for touch with another body. It is also a general pick me up- so if you are in a good mood, you may just be “in” the mood.

Cucumbers- obviously their appearance is phallic, but science indicates that they stimulate a woman’s olfactory senses, putting her in the mood.

Figs – an epicure delight in ancient times with the wise ones, Egyptians and Greeks. Notice too what it resembles.
Garlic- Another favorite by the Greeks and Egyptians, garlic has long been known as a hot herb. So much so that certain religious sects forbade their disciples from entering temples if they had partaken of this condiment. It is known to promote love and desire.

Oysters – known to have zinc which is needed to regulate progesterone, which in turn will boost your drive. Science has established that not only oysters, but clams, mussels and scallops all have chemical compounds that release sex hormones.

Watermelon- you’ll love this one. It invigorates circulation without and releases a chemical called arginine. The chemical in your body acts just like Viagra minus the headache.

Now for some of the unusual…
Chinese men will eat bull and deer penises soaked in herbal wine, sea-cucumber and bull’s pizzles cooked with Chinese yam, as well as snake bile.

Indian tribes in the Pacific Northwest: sell geodusck, giant burrowing clams that can weigh over 15 pounds, they have a penis-like neck that can extend for three feet.

So there you have it- Quite a variety to choose from. Personally Chocolate and Champagne sound like winners. No matter what you choose to experiment with, just enjoy!