Halley Elise © 2009


My view of the world of Psychics may not be in exact alignment with another's view. Though you will see, there are some Universal truths that do apply to us all.

We know Psychics receive information, but how that information is processed and perceived has many variables. For instance, you are having a reading with me and I have the sense of a turtle around you: You may say, "No way-I do not have a turtle! You're wrong!" But then I explain to you that often my information comes in the form of a metaphor/picture, and that a turtle "to me" represents heaven and earth coming together, or good fortune. Or in other words, that your life recently has been in turmoil, but because the "turtle" makes itself known . . . this means that balance is now returning in your life, along with blessings. My understanding of the turtle is often different then the person I am sitting with.

The age and life experiences of the Psychic come into play as well during your reading. This is no different than going to a Physician and finding out that this person has some preconceived notion about you and or your condition, because they may have known another person in the course of their practice who acted a certain way.

Another consideration is the nature of the individual you are dealing with. Is this Psychic generally a happy, positive person? Because if not, this person may see something of benefit to you, feel jealous and not deliver the information. Or if this person is unpleasant most of the time, it will be difficult for them to convey your information accurately. Please remember, that no one person divining information is 100% perfect, if we were perfect we would not need to be here on this earth.

In brief, Psychics are here to guide and assist, to offer support and share Universal wisdom, not to play God/Goddess, nor do they want that responsibility. What is expected is, for the information coming through to be helpful, loving and as accurate as possible; enabling the Psychic to motivate the client to be more proactive in their own life.

Suggestions for finding the right Psychic:
Go to someone who has been around for a while and has a good reputation, they should be open to telling you about their background and how they came to do this work. Find out if this person has a belief in a Divine Source, a Higher Power.

Choose someone who does not expect you to provide clues, such as asking, “How long have you been single?” If you have to answer questions instead of getting answers, this probably is not the person for you.

Find out what medium this person uses; there are a myriad of ways in which Psychic information can be divined. For instance do they use clairvoyance, coffee grounds, tea leaves, sticks, stones, cards, Tarot cards, Palmistry, Runes, Clairvoyance, Psychometry and so forth? They may even use a combination of mediums or perhaps simply use sentience. The main thing to remember is you need to be comfortable!

You have Psychic abilities too. Everyone does, some more fine tuned then others. But, how do you feel when you make the appointment, when you get to the door, when you sit in front of the person? Listen to your instincts! Not judgments, or fear, but instincts. If you listen to yourself you will make the right choice for you.