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Awareness Through Candle Magic

When speaking of Candle Magic, I must make mention of the myriad of people who practice Witchcraft (also known as the Craft). These groups of people choose a lesser traveled road of existence; it has been established that their philosophies and practices include working with nature, having strong spiritual beliefs that honor God and Goddess, and their belief encompasses the power of their intent as Divine. The practice of Craft spans across the millennia of time and all the continents of the world. Yet, even now, in the present day, where the human race has exceeded the wildest dreams of Einstein, in the advancement and development of technology many of us still remain in the illusion of unknowingness. Typically, when someone hears the word Magic they either have images of a rabbit being pulled from a hat or something less amusing such as a conjured Voodoo sacrifice. With close examination of Earth Magic and similar traditions, one finds that Craft actually exemplifies the power of Divinity that is inherent within us all.

Not for the timid, desiring only to know one path; but for those willing to investigate a bit, you will surely uncover the commonalities between your own way of thinking and what is regarded as Magic.

Dr Wayne Dyer did a broadcast on PBS discussing the potentiality that exists within our space, ourselves and our world and how to accomplish all things desired. Along with Dr Dyer, Deepak Chopra has for many years spoken of the innate power that connects us all. A few years back Rev Catherine Ponder wrote a book called The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity; within the pages of her book she quotes many Bible verses exalting the unlimited Godlike qualities that we all have and are able to use. In the Kabala, Jewish Mysticism often mentions being in tune with our Creator in order to understand and accomplish all things.

Many teachers and authors in addition to those previously mentioned such as: Ernest Holmes- How To Use The Science Of Your Mind, Napoleon Hill- Think and Grow Rich, Shakti Gwain- Creative Visualization, Louise Hay- Gratitude a Way of Life, and others recognize that the power to create, to attract and to have what we want in our lives is always available to us. Even in my book, Treasures Within: Meditation with a friend, coauthored with John Castagnini; we expound on the amazing, unlimited, never ending internal resource that is a constant in our lives.

The challenge is to appreciate, harness and utilize our abilities so that we optimize our desired outcomes on a consistent basis. Simple and easily accepted guides to mastering your own Magic are found herein. Candle Magic is just one of many formulas that may be considered for aspiring and achieving your ambitions. Permit yourself an open mind and you may just find that you’ve been creating your own Magic all along.

As is true with all Magic, Religious Ceremony and even Goal Setting, you employ certain rituals. Candle Magic is one of the easiest and enjoyable systems for getting what you want. You need very few tools and can inconspicuously work on your intention, even in a crowed room if you choose; though I would suggest initially working on your cause in private.

When it comes to candles, they may be purchased almost anywhere: the dollar store, the card store, the grocery or a New Age shop.

Those who prefer the all natural route may take to making their own candles and may find supplies in craft stores, party stores and specialty boutiques. When you use your hands and your time and your energy, you imbue the candles with your specific energy. As with all things in life, including cookies- home made are the best, but not mandated.

For those of you who may be skeptical about all of this, I’ll let you in on a little secret. You have been a participant in Magical acts most of your life. Do you remember making a wish on a star? Or having a birthday party and using candles to make a wish? There are three specific traits that apply to your wishes creating your magic:

1- Your initial desire

2- Your ability to keep clear focus in your mind

3- Your power of imagination, seeing in your mind’s eye, the outcome

How often have you applied these three simple steps in your life and brought your chosen outcome to fruition?!

The type of candles you may use is only important in the sense that you should feel comfortable with your choice. If you believe a huge candle is the way for you, then by all means use the largest candle you can find. Usually people prefer to use basic candle shapes and sizes: tapers, votives, and candles in glass cylinders. The pleasant part of your candle shopping is that there is much to choose from; size, scent and color.

The only requisite is that your candle should always be new, it may have been in the house but, it should not have been used for another occasion. Since you want to imbue your candle with the most power you have to offer, using a candle from little Johnny’s party is not a good idea. You had a previous intention. Your thoughts, words and deeds all work together to take full advantage of your intention; all of these are extensions of your personal energy. You do not want to limit your effectiveness by brining in other influences.

Most believe that your candle has to be anointed (dressed) and done so in a certain fashion, others feel it is not an absolute. Anointing is an additional way of infusing your candle with your personal energy, by breathing life into your desire (giving physical action to join with the mental and spiritual actions).

Steps to dress your candle include applying a scent such as a perfume, an essential oil or an extract (condiments from your kitchen may also be used, think aromatic).

1- Put a few drops of the scent you are using into the palms of your hands.

2- Rub your hands together to spread the scent.

3- Take your candle into your hands and start thinking about your goal.

4- Continue to think of your desired outcome, and begin to rub your scent into your candle, start with the wick and work your way down to the bottom (the idea here is starting at the top and going down, represent bringing in what you desire).

As you dress your candle you establish a link of energy between you and it. It is best to use a fragrance that represents your desired outcome. For instance rose oil may remind you of love and would be good to use when focusing your intent on bringing romance into your life. Even extract from the kitchen works wonders; "vanilla" is a good one to attract the opposite sex. Remember to think of scents that would connect you with your desired outcome. If you want a little more spice in the bedroom, you could include a little red pepper "spice it up ". . .

If I wanted to repel something I would work from the bottom up, as in sending something out and away- it's a good visual. Keep in mind you may do what is most comfortable. And though dressing your candle enhances your efforts, it is your intention that is most important, beyond all else.

As to finding the scents used for your candle dressing: gourmet stores, metaphysical shops, health food centers and of course perfumeries. If you are going to use essential oils, it is best to use the cold pressed variety, they are the most pure.

Color: Keep in mind that color too, like life, has a light side and a dark side, herein you’ll find the basics. You might wonder, why include the darker side? Well, if you would like to rid something from your life, this may help. If you know to use a red candle for a matter, but it just doesn’t feel right, “don’t use it”. Always go with your instincts! One other thing to think about regarding color- the depth, value and hue of a color also play into the equation. Also many of the colors attributes relate to signs of the zodiac and planet influences. If you are real interested, do a little research, you may be surprised how color is implemented in not only décor, but prisons, hospitals, restaurants and more; all because color has wave lengths (energy) that elicit definite reactions.

WHITE- clearing, cleansing, peace, crown charka, spirituality, newness, starkness, barren, blank

PINK- universal love, affection, new romance, sweetness, skittish, unreliable

YELLOW- victory, intellect, memory, solar plexus, scared, non-committed

RED- vitality, energy, strength, courage, sex, root charka, beware, trouble, anger, children

GREEN- money, health, renewal, growth, heart charka, luck, sickly, over-bearing

BLUE- communication, inspiration, throat charka, harmony, cold, depressed

PURPLE- royalty, wealth, third eye, psychic ability, strict, unbending

SILVER/GOLD- higher consciousness, divinity, inspiration, astral travel, idealism, power hungry, fogginess

ORANGE- creativity, sexual charka, things dealing with women, career matters, moodiness, forgetful

Now that you know all about the type of candles, the scents, the colors, and the dressing, there is one more element . . . use a brown paper bag (the type from the grocery will do) or parchment paper and inscribe your objective. Fold your paper slowly, all the while imagining your outcome as if it has already come. Then place your paper under your candle. An alternate would be to use a toothpick (or your finger nail) and repeat the same process, with the exception of your inscription would be in the wax of the candle itself.

When possible allow your candle to fully burn down. If you must leave, do not extinguish the flame by blowing it out, use a candle snuff. Only use one candle per intention.

Wondering when to light your candle? After everything else is complete, you’ve thought of your goal, gotten it clear in your mind, you’ve imagined it as if it was real in the “now”, you’ve anointed your color appropriate candle and you’ve written your wish. . . Now!

May all of your Candle Magic experiences be good ones!!