Halley Elise ©2011

Quite often you hear that stress is the primary culprit in illness, in work related absences and in overall discontentment. Hospitals have added meditation and massage to their services for this very reason. Below you’ll find tools that’ll relieve stress 24/7 and at no charge.

Nature automatically has a comforting effect on your psyche, so shift your attention to the outdoors. Driving along an ocean’s shore evokes that sense of calm. Digging in a garden dissolves stress quickly. If you are unable to interact with live plants, artificial plants, or even paintings that emulate the same type of feeling can work.

Evaluate your home by standing for a moment in each room and notice your feelings. Bright, vibrant colors tend to keep you stimulated and active and are great in rooms where you keep busy. Muted, subtle tones soothe and relax. Your bedroom beckons consideration for it is where you rest and refresh. Then there is the congestion of things. It blocks energy flow and creativity, and can not only cause physical maladies, but emotional as well- clear up clutter and lift your mood.

Meditation, prayer and music are all excellent de-stressors and achieve inner and outer harmony. Meditation specifically, eases you into a state of relaxed, altered consciousness, bliss and oneness. Consistent daily practice is recommended for immense and long term benefits- though only five minutes a day can still harvest excellent results.