© Halley Elise ©2005

Remember the story about Sam? Hospital bound, looking out the window? His roommate, listened, as Sam shared sites seen . . . a couple kissing, birds feeding their young, and when it stormed the rainbow that appeared!. Sam, an average sort of guy, friendly and outgoing, but people didn’t know much about him until he became ill.

Here’s the rest of the story. . . . Sam’s roommate Mike complained at every meal. This is trash! Then he’d wait his family’s arrival with fast food. Sam gave a prayer of thanks when a meal arrived and savored every morsel. He’d comment, the chef must have been thinking of me when she made this meatloaf, “mm, delich!” Mike would hear Sam go on about how savory his meals were and how lucky he was to be in this hospital.

Mike wondered why it was that Sam had the window. He had a blank wall. Why it was Sam’s food was better? Why it was that Sam was treated nicer?

On the day Sam was released, there were joyful farewells. Then the first matter of business for Mike was to move to “that” window. He looked out and became irate, screaming, what is the meaning of this? “Some one switched my room as I slept! How could there be a brick wall out side?! Was it all a lie?! What about the great food?

A nurse understood and yelled back, “Sam is blind!” There was a deafening silence, and then as if a long awaited gift arrived. . . Mike got it. In that brief moment he realized that life is truly how you see it. Right then he made the resolution to live life more like Sam from that day forth.