Halley Elise ©2010

NOTE:  This article includes unsolicited comments about specific products.  I am not affiliated with, nor paid any fees to comment about the products herein.

So often the water we drink is taken for granted. After all we have bottled water everywhere, we have city water and we have purifiers. But are we really drinking water that is good for us? Statistics are on the rise for Autism from several years ago when it was a rarity to now 1 in 6 children. How about Cancer? Again years back if you heard of Cancer, your mouth would drop. Now, it has become common place. We live in an environment of fast. Fast food, fast cars, fast and limited time, get everything accomplished as quick as you can. Well to aid in that process, farmers, manufacturers and the like all accommodate with chemical processes; adding steroids, hormones and antibiotics in so much of our food supply. We find it in our air and yes, in our water we find chemicals too. So again I’ll ask, “Are we really drinking water that is good for us?”

Thankfully I can say, I Am. Some time back when hosting the Quantum Life Radio program, Kangen water was brought to my attention. Ironically I did not pay too much attention at the time. But the woman I interviewed insisted that this water was good for me. She literally brought gallons and gallons over the course of two months. I’d like to say that the term Kangen, is simply a registered trademark of a company producing an ionizing machine. Though this particular company has the Rolls Royce of machines, but I digress. . .

The reason to share this is that we are made up of primarily water; we all learn this in elementary school. So it would reason that if the majority of what is in our body is not quality, then ill health “is” a given. Back to the point- through the generosity of this woman bringing me water and giving me education, I found out that aches and pains from car accidents did not have to be a way of life. That fibromyalgia did not have to dictate when I did my breath-work and that there is living, healthful water available. It is purified, ionized and electrolyzed.

Simply stated, most water people drink does not enter our cells in the same way as ionized water; our cells are not getting fully hydrated. The typical water is low in ph and does not help oxidation. As babies we come into this world with the right ph and alkalinity, and then we begin to grow and change. Some acidity is simply due to age, some environment. This is why we often here about anti-oxidants to stay healthy. We know from science that hydration is very important, that people who are de-hydrated get headaches, dizziness, brain-fog and a myriad of other symptoms that can lead to death.

What if we all decided to be healthier, stronger, and happier? Do I think Kangen water is a cure all? No, but I do believe that if you are looking to be healthier, and you want your body to take good care of you. . . then the right water is a must!